Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ACC update

They said what?

"I think this community is ready and able to step up and really support this game, the rest will take care of itself." -- Rob Higgins, Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission

"There's a very concerted effort with the youth and high school markets that's somewhat unprecedented for the ACC." --Michael Kelly, ACC Associate Commissioner for football

"That city (Tampa) has shown a propensity to put on and support big events in a very big way." --John Swofford, ACC Commissioner

"You want to play that game when it's sold out, for the league's sake and for everybody involved."--Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech head coach

"The key will be a smaller venue, bigger city, and cheaper tickets. More ACC alumni, too. But you know the No. 1 rule in real estate--location, location, location. So far the rule seems to apply to ACC football, too--more than half of the seats there are already sold." --Heather Dinich, ACC Blogger

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